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How does JobbHopp work?

We designed JobbHopp with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Whether you sign up as a customer, Hopper, or both, our streamlined, intuitive process is made to keep the process free of stress and headache. If you want more details about the JobbHopp process, view our Process page.

If I’m not satisfied with the work, is there anything I can do?

JobbHopp puts approval for work done in the hands of the customer. If you disapprove, just file a detailed report to JobbHopp stating your reasons for disapproval. JobbHopp staff will review and make a final decision on whether the service was not fulfilled as agreed upon. Depending on the outcome, customers may be refunded or charged.

We have multiple investment opportunities available!
Include any questions in your message to see how you can get involved in our business.

Questions about JobbHopp?

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