JobbHopp’s Achievements:

Our emerging business:

JobbHopp was chosen as a finalist for the best new emerging business in new jersey by NJBIZ.

NJBIZ announces Business of the Year finalists – NJBIZ

NJBIZ is proud to announce the 2018 finalists for the Business of the Year awards. The annual program honors New Jersey businesses and leaders committed to professional excellence, business growth …

Kickstarter Campaign:

JobbHopp had a successful Kickstarter campaign where we reached our goal of raising $5,000 in 30 days by people who pledged their own money with nothing in return to provide JobbHopp with an opportunity to become a successful business.
Our Kickstarter

JobbHopp by Robert Prendimano Jr. — Kickstarter

Robert Prendimano Jr. is raising funds for JobbHopp on Kickstarter! Mobile App that connects customer’s to skilled workers to complete job requests and earn income for themselves and their families.

Our Development

We pitched the idea for JobbHopp to Fueled, who is the #1 voted App Development company in New York and Top 10 in the United States. They are a very selective company when it comes to choosing a new app development project to work on and fortunately for us, they really loved the idea for JobbHopp and chose to work with us. They went on to design the JobbHopp logo and build the blueprint for the JobbHopp mobile app.

10 Top Rated Mobile App Development Companies in New York

This statement is true to its core, “ Most cities are nouns. New York’s a verb.” New York, without a doubt, can be deemed as the city of hopes and dreams. From high-end fashion brands to finance and even tech – This city shelters almost each and everything.

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What people are saying about JobbHopp.

JobbHopp is a professional resource for connecting with employees and those seeking work. It can be used to find designers in Europe and all across the globe.
Max Naylore

It has made me the person I am today and connected me with many professional individuals like myself. I couldn’t recommend a more solid platform for job endeavors.

Sabina Kling

Highly recommend.

If you are looking to connect in a more professional setting, this app is a great tool.

Kim Wuckert

We have multiple investment opportunities available!
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