About JobbHopp.

JobbHopp is a mobile App that allows users (customers) the ability to request job services. These service requests are viewed by certified JobbHopp users (independent workers; aka “Hoppers”) in the area.

“Hoppers” have been approved and categorized by skillset.

Hoppers also have the choice of completing services for prices the customers request or bid for an alternate price. Customers then have the authority in choosing their “worker.” This is done based on viewing Hoppers’ profiles, which include:

  • Information
  • Pictures
  • Skills
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • And More
  • Information
  • Pictures
  • Skills
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • And More

The JobbHopp app for android devices is now LIVE!!

About the founder.

Robert Prendimano Jr had the idea for JobbHopp as the result of conversations with his younger brother, an electrical engineer, about the difficulty that those working in skilled trades could have finding consistent work. There was clearly a lot of work to be done everywhere – design work, electrical work, childcare – but the rates of many companies providing those services have been climbing. Not only that, but a customer has no way of knowing how much of that is going to the actual person doing the work.

Robert and his brother saw a clear need for means of those who need work to find those capable of doing the work – and giving both parties the ability to negotiate on the rate and come to a mutually beneficial agreement. They locked down in their garage for a few months to build their idea into a reality. They reached out to the skilled developers at Fueled Apps to ensure that the service they built had the quality and ease of use that they knew it needed.

Since then, JobbHopp is fast becoming the first choice for many when it comes to finding-good paying work and skilled, professional workers in an ever-evolving economy.

What people are saying about JobbHopp.

JobbHopp is a professional resource for connecting with employees and those seeking work. It can be used to find designers in Europe and all across the globe.
Max Naylore

It has made me the person I am today and connected me with many professional individuals like myself. I couldn’t recommend a more solid platform for job endeavors.

Sabina Kling

Highly recommend.

If you are looking to connect in a more professional setting, this app is a great tool.

Kim Wuckert

We have multiple investment opportunities available!
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