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JobbHopp is an all-in-one mobile solution for person-to-person transactions.

Jump in now to learn how JobbHopp is becoming the premier platform for independent job discovery, hiring, and more.

The #1 Person-2-Person Transaction Platform. Request, Fulfill, Pay, and Get Paid.


JobbHopp is a mobile App that provides users with the ability to request endless amounts of different services. Whether they are jobs, tasks, and or errands the sky is the limit as what users can request. These service requests are viewed by other JobbHopp users in the area who selected to be workers on the platform. (a.k.a. “Hoppers”)

“Hoppers” have been approved and categorized by skillset.

“Hoppers” have the choice of completing service requests for prices the customers originally requested or bid for an alternate price. Bartering is the name of the game as customers have the authority to choose the worker of their choice. This is done through direct messaging via the app as well as viewing Hoppers’ profiles, which include:

  • Information
  • Pictures
  • Skills
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • And More
  • Information
  • Pictures
  • Skills
  • Reviews
  • Ratings
  • And More

The JobbHopp app is NOW LIVE on Google Play and the App Store!!!

How the JobbHopp app functions.

Once customers decide on a skilled worker (Hopper) and they’ve agreed on a price, they become locked in an agreement. Both parties are protected by a contract for the completion of the desired service, for the price agreed upon. All required information is exchanged, and a JobbHopp worker is sent (and tracked) to the destination requesting service.

As the service is carried out, customers are able to actively update their status. This is to ensure their satisfaction with the work being performed. When the “worker” feels the service is complete, they’ll use the App to alert JobbHopp that the service has been completed. Customers are then able to approve or disapprove of the service based on the skilled worker’s completion of the job.

If approved, customers are charged the agreed price + state sales tax % + a 3% service fee and 3% transaction fee. The JobbHopp skilled worker is paid the agreed price, minus a service fee for using JobbHopp. Both parties will:

-Review & rate each other.

-Report the job difficulty.

-Required tools..


-Required materials.

-Time to complete the job.

-Etc. . .

This information serves as a data storage collection for the JobbHopp App. A feature such as this also serves as a refrence for future JobbHopp App users.

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The JobbHopp process.

Start by creating an account within the JobbHopp App. Next, provide an email address, password, personal information including full name, DOB, address, etc. 

Select your profile picture, choose what personal information to display, show worker reviews, previous services post, and customer reviews.

You have the ability to post jobs and services at desired prices. References are provided to demonstrate fair pricing and estimated times for particular jobs. When posting, complete job details and descriptions are required. The post is added to the feed based on GPS location and becomes visible to JobbHopp workers within a mile radius. Prices may be updated as desired.

Once a price is accepted and the worker is chosen, the customer’s credit card is charged. Customers are granted a refund if the worker never shows. However, a contract protects the price agreement and work details.

Through status updates, App users have the ability to constantly monitor workers. Any issues are reported to JobbHopp. This ensures services are being performed correctly and customers are pleased

When a JobbHopp worker reports their completion of service, the customer can approve or disapprove of the work. If approved, the customer is charged the price agreed upon + state sales tax (by state) + JobbHopp service fee. If the customer disapproves, they must file a detailed report to JobbHopp stating their reasons for disapproval. JobbHopp staff will review and make a final decision on whether the service was not fulfilled as agreed upon. Depending on the outcome, customers may be refunded or charged.

Customers are able to review and rate workers after service is completed. This helps future customers when making their own decisions on a worker.

Wanting to get some family pictures takes?

Sign up for JobbHopp and start looking at Hopper photographer profiles. You set the budget and can book an appointment that suits your schedule through the app!

Looking for more graphic design clients?

Create your JobbHopp profile to be seen by people or businesses in need of your services. You set your hours and the price you want to charge.

Need a qualified babysitter to watch your children?

Sign up for JobbHopp to search profiles of babysitters in your area. You set the schedule and decide the hourly rate–what could be simpler?

Looking for a carpenter to fix a few things around the house?

Let JobbHopp help you find a Hopper that will come in on budget. Choose your Hopper based on the profile including information, pictures, skills, reviews, and ratings.

The JobbHopp app is now LIVE on Google Play and the App Store!

JobbHopp Pages:

Learn about the pages in the JobbHopp app!
Slide through with the arrows to see the different features you’ll have access to when you download.

Explore Page

The explore page makes it easy for you to discover jobs and clients, showing a description and distance from your location.

Profile Page

You’ll get a JobbHopp Profile when you sign up that allows employers to see how trustworthy and qualified you are, and view your displayed skill set.

You can also set goals to measure your progress as an independent worker.

Create Job Page

Create any type of job service or request any task to be fufilled in 3 easy steps. With a few clicks, you can specify the Job Name, the Location, and the Timeframe it needs to be completed in.

Price Guide Page

The price guide page can help you understand the worth of certain jobs, allowing you to advertise your services for the correct price.

Review Page

The Review Page allows employers to rate your services with a star rating, as well as award compliments so your resume will improve with every job well done.

What people are saying about JobbHopp.

JobbHopp is a professional resource for connecting with employees and those seeking work. It can be used to find designers in Europe and all across the globe.
Max Naylore

It has made me the person I am today and connected me with many professional individuals like myself. I couldn’t recommend a more solid platform for job endeavors.

Sabina Kling

Highly recommend.

If you are looking to connect in a more professional setting, this app is a great tool.

Kim Wuckert

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